Jan Kjetil Bjørheim
Free Play
Hå Gamle Prestegard, 6th May - 4th June 2006
curated by Jan Kjetil Bjørheim & Alan Yates
Svein Møxvold

White Flags, four white flags sewn in the pattern of the Norwegian flag and flown on flagpoles.

Pink Balls, plastic-wrapped hay bales painted pink and sited around Hå Gamle Prestegard.


Cyril Lepetit

Fountain, artist's footprints cast in copper & water jet in wooded area.

Ladder, a video in three parts realted to the installation "Ladder".

Marcel Duchamp
Chess Board, book-art object of a wooden box.
Peter Callesen
Pandora's Box, paper cut-out sculpture.


Simon Waters
Footballer, video projection.


Martin Creed
Work No. 457, ball installation.
Alan Yates
Free/Board, installation, process-based investigation.
Jan Kjetil Bjørheim
Panoptic Play, video installation.
Katie Tiernan
Treehouse, installation

Rachael House
Hå Pet-Tastic, a fancy-dress picnic for dogs.

copyright Jan Kjetil Bjørheim